Average Future
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Sometimes, I forget,

          Sometimes, I fall.


Louis Armstrong—La vie en rose


XXYYXX - About You (Gangways Bootleg)

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We met at 14, our first date was at a bowling alley, we shared a blue sports drink, she would probably be surprised if you told her that I remembered that.  And of course, not long after we found ways to screw around, do things we weren’t supposed to do, emotionally and physically.  We were able to grow up a little bit while it seemed that those around us were getting stupider, more undeserving of our attention (though they were probably doing the same things in their private worlds).  We felt like we’d slipped out from under the printing of the barcode, that we’d found a shortcut, a way to go through the motions of broad daylight while still living out much better and more thorough dramas behind the scenes. 

And like all dramas, it was a drama, meaning it ended up fucked over and broken.  We turned into overgrown kids, 20-somethings with the minds of overripe flower children in weeds, overcrowded slates with no eraser.  The last time I saw her she had gained weight and I was on a break from alcohol, there was something in the air but not enough.


you used to put
your ear on my chest
and listen to my
heart push capillaries
like rush hour traffic.
could always tell
what was running
through my head,
albeit via a rather
circuitous route